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Repeat Customers




- Tony Hsieh, CEO, Zappos

Word of Mouth.

Teresa and the PerformancePointe® team champion one-on-one executive and leadership coaching, team discovery sessions, as well as the development of business strategy and execution mapping for pre-rapid growth organizations.  Clients appreciate Teresa’s insightful, authentic and innovative approach.


Brent Peterson, Partner,

American Hearing and Audiology

My first experience with Teresa was when she masterfully facilitated a strategic planning session at a nonprofit board meeting. This prompted me to recommend to my partners at American Hearing and Audiology that we engage Teresa and PerformancePointe to lead us through defining our Mission, Vision and Values. Teresa’s approach and process allowed collaborative discussion in a way that delivered progress, provided clarity, and helped the team exceed our desired outcomes.


H. Kevin Birzer,

Tortoise Capital Advisors

Fifteen years ago, five Managing Directors founded Tortoise Capital Advisors. When we started working with PerformancePointe and Teresa about seven years ago, we had about 40 employees and $6 billion in assets under management. Today we have 160 employees and $20 billion in assets under management. Given this rapid pace of growth we felt the need to focus on developing the next team of leaders as well as provide the current bench of leaders with strategic coaching and guidance.

PerformancePointe helped us develop and implement a Leadership Development Process. We have been delighted with the improvements Teresa has initiated. Teresa has guided us through individual assessments, team and personal coaching. She also led our management team through Core Learning Modules that are imperative for a pre-rapid growth organization.

The impact of Teresa’s work was immediate and has continued to be significant. We wouldn’t be where we are today as a team or organization without Teresa’s leadership development impact.


Marty Bicknell, Founder and CEO

Mariner Wealth Advisors

We have worked with Teresa Carey and PerformancePointe, Inc. since we began our aggressive growth trajectory in 2011. Teresa has personally coached the executive team in leveraging our individual and team strengths to assist us in achieving our firm goals. Her ability to tap into the unique abilities of each leader in driving strategic impact has made her a valuable partner.

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