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At PERFORMANCEPOINTE®, we focus on STRATEGY AND STRENGTHS, guiding leaders and organizations to the place where performance and excellence meet. It’s that simple, but not that easy, or else everyone else could go there.

Because of our unique, varied and numerous experiences in Ieadership, professional development and entrepreneurship, PerformancePointe has taken coaching to a new level for business leaders and executives for the past 30 years. We help you achieve more than the average coaching experience by facilitating the GREATNESS in each leader to reach the individual, team and organizational goals.



We start by using multiple data points that allow us to gain in-depth insight into each leader, allowing precision in our approach. We use a variety of assessments including EQ (Emotional Intelligence), Strengths Finder®, 360 Assessment and other tools designed to paint a full picture of the leaders we're coaching.  

and Development

Plan Design

We’ve created a proprietary plan and coaching guide that allows us to work on what matters and measure results.


After investing an intensive year on development initially, most leaders maintain a monthly coaching meeting to continue to fine tune their development as the organization is evolving. This can be delivered with the leader one-on-one at their office or we also provide virtual coaching through a variety of methods.  

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