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Adaptation, Revision and Change. 

PerformancePointe® focuses on one thing and promises to do it really well...



genius zone*

We connect


to their

and align it with the organization's strategic growth trajectory.

*Genius Zone: Where a leader’s strengths, passion and opportunity meet.

Pre-rapid growth is often characterized by business vulnerability, challenge and risk. At PERFORMANCEPOINTE, we alter that perspective, enabling you to transform that into 



Executive & Leadership

There’s leadership coaching that focuses on the individual leader, then there’s leadership coaching that aligns coaching with the organization’s strategy. There’s leadership coaching that focuses on areas of development otherwise known as weaknesses, then there’s leadership coaching that optimizes the leader’s strengths and genius zone. These are key points of our distinction.

Because of our unique, varied and numerous experiences in Ieadership, professional development and entrepreneur-ship, PerformancePointe has taken coaching to a new level for business leaders and executives for the past 25 years. We help you achieve more than the average coaching experience by facilitating the greatness in each leader to reach the individual, team and organizational goals.


Our research shows there are six core competencies that equip leaders to navigate accelerated growth more effectively. Our proprietary modules in each of these areas allow leaders to unleash the competencies that are most critical for healthy growth. Our team Strengths® Sessions, based on the Clifton StrengthsFinder® tool, help to foster a more trusting, committed and high-performing culture and team. 

Leadership Team


Many pre-rapid and rapid growth organizations haven’t taken the time to define their vision, mission and values, or their strategic thrusts for the next stage of growth. Often our clients need an Execution Process Map to guide them toward their goals. Without these as a compass, it can be difficult to keep the team focused on the bigger purpose and key areas of focus to which everything else needs to connect. We work with executive teams and business partners to define and often refine the strategic plan, illuminating the clear path for the future.

Organizational Strategy

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