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  • Teresa Carey

30-Year Tribute


Reflection has been running deep in anticipation of 30 years in business.

As I’ve thought about the past three decades, it’s evident the pace of change is more rampant than ever. In considering the transformation in all aspects of business, technology takes the prize for the most sweeping shifts.  Since 1994, we’ve gone from:

  • Clunky Blackberries to sleek, smart, and sophisticated Apples

  • Cumbersome floppy disks to the convenience of the cloud

  • The rain-making Rolodex to sophisticated CRM systems and software

  • Big advertising and word-of-mouth to social media 

  • Using focus groups for research to big data and AI

It’s head-spinning, really.

While we’ve both weathered and flourished through these changes, I find the most comfort and celebration in the things that haven’t changed in three decades.

  • Integrity will always be in vogue. You can’t overestimate character and its staying power. People want to do business with people they can respect.

  • Interpersonal Connection is everlasting. We’ll always have an inherent need and craving to be seen, heard, and understood. This is only possible with the intention and power of meaningful time and space with those who matter.   

  • Grit, Excellence and Staying Scrappy are still key differentiators. These defining characteristics often separate those who are successful from those who aren’t. These three companions allow those in the long game to weather both good and troubled times. Properly channeling sweat equity, while staying creative and nimble, will always be in favor.

How long have you been in your current business or role?

What are the major changes you’ve seen and the lessons you’ve learned based on what’s shifted, as well as what hasn’t?

Take the time to reflect on this now and in the coming days. What have your lessons taught you about what’s most important?

As Charles Darwin so aptly said, “It is not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive but those who can best manage change.”


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