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Just. One. Word.

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

What’s the power of a single word? Just one word? If you could only pick a single word to guide your thoughts and actions for this year, what would it be?

One Word vs Resolutions

Why Just One Word?

For the past decade, I’ve chosen one word as “the word of the year.” Since 1915, Webster has selected a word of the year. In 2014, Gordon, Britton and Page wrote a book on the concept called, THE ONE WORD THAT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE. This was followed by Ashcraft and Olsen in 2016 with their version of the concept in the book, MY ONE WORD. In 2015, instead of selecting a word for the year, Wikipedia chose an emoticon/pictograph of the year. A sure sign of the times.

I can’t tell you how this idea started for me – only that it’s worked brilliantly in providing focus on what’s important and in guiding choices. I can argue it’s been at least game-changing and defining for me as I reflect on my list of words selected.

One Word Examples

The year I needed to make a major life decision, my word was CHOICES. For perhaps the first time ever, I realized I had a choice in that situation. It was transforming. The next year, my word was ADVENTURE. At the tender age of 47, I started swimming, biking and running, and learned about my love for triathlons. In another year, the word was ABUNDANCE.

Everything I needed, and even some things I wanted, found me. In a recent year my word was GRATITUDE – for my family and husband, my health, and the gift of rising every day to live life doing what I love. A couple of years ago the word was SIMPLIFY – my kids were all out of the nest, so I decluttered and made things as simple as possible.

My One Word for  2018

One Word - meaningful

What’s your word for 2018? Email it to me at Remember, it’s Just. One. Word. And it could be your game-changer this year.

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