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Why You May Have Begun to Dislike Your Dog

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

We did it! My husband and I just completed a “cleanse or reset” program as one more way to begin the year with a fresh start. Contrary to what some believe, we didn’t live on liquids for days on end. We simply cut out certain foods that cause inflammation or irritation to the body for about a week.

The purpose of a reset is to rid the body of any toxins to boost energy, improve mood and simply recharge health. Mood and energy can be affected to the point that the things you once loved are so unlikeable anymore, e.g., even your dog. Many health practitioners suggest this ritual as a way to reset the body’s system to start over again, much the same way we reset or reboot our computers so they’re restored to their original state.

How to Reset and Destress

reset and destress

1 – Most of us have one person in our world that leaves us feeling drained. They may be negative, take a consistent victim mentality, or always rub us the wrong way. What can we do? If they’re in our professional life, we can’t necessarily give them the boot. We can control how we manage our interaction with them (this is a whole separate blog).

If they’re in our personal circle, we can at least set boundaries or take a season to step away to preserve ourselves. Not all relationships are meant to last a lifetime. People change, situations change and our needs change. In a video on the website The School of Life calls out, the narrator call us on “spending time with people for no truly identifiable good reason.”

What relationships do you need to re-evaluate and potentially remove yourself from, at least for a season?

Reset and Destress

What can you do? Create a “stink zone” sandwich! This allows you to sandwich that activity between two other activities you find rewarding, making the stink zone more palatable.

Reset and destress

By taking a few simple steps to reset and destress, you might even start to like your dog again.

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