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  • Teresa Carey

2024 - Are You Ready for a Renaissance?

Updated: Jan 18

If you’re coming off the heels of a successful or record year like many of my clients, renaissance might seem like an unnecessary, over the top action for starting and walking out the new year. Renaissance signifies rebirth or rediscovery, typically occurring after a darker, or stale, period in time. It is typically accompanied by a wave of learning and wisdom.

For some, there’s still a lingering, not so distant memory of the pandemic and the subsequent years that have continued to carry fallout. Regardless of the year you experienced in 2023, there’s space within us and our businesses for new discoveries and even radical renewal this year.

Given the current trends unfolding, here are just a few that might affect a rebirth:

  • This is the first year Gen Z will surpass Baby Boomers in the workplace. (Fortune)

  • The tech sector will experience more change this year than the past 10 years combined due to the great disruptor, generative AI, profoundly reshaping organizations, and markets. (Accenture)

  • Financial markets will continue to see expected softening in inflation and interest rates, for starters. With pent-up demand for new investments and a backlog of companies wanting to go public, it may allow a rise in mid-size offerings. (

Considering or apart from trends, what bold decision are you prepared to claim and execute in 2024 to achieve a leadership renaissance?

Here are five keys and journaling prompts to pave the way for your answers:

  • What do I absolutely need to leave behind based on how I’ve led previously? This might include overcontrol or immersion, not addressing the problems that manifest themselves repeatedly, acting too quickly, or not achieving buy-in when it’s most crucial.

  • If I don’t leave this behind, what will 2024 look like? What will holding on to certain decisions and initiatives cost you, your team, and your organization? By allowing these issues to take space, what are you forfeiting? 

  • What big, bold, bodacious transformation becomes possible and available to me as a result of this change? For example, it might include more time for reflection that yields the next big idea. Or it might attract a new business relationship that results in a game-changing strategic alliance.

  • How will I reset my schedule and behaviors to align with these possibilities so they become a reality? Rebirth requires a completely new approach to doing and being. Which of your personal operating systems must change, to allow space for new learning and new wisdom. Something as simple as the mismanagement of time can derail progress.

  • Who or what will keep me accountable? Most of us need a few different reality checkers – people and processes - to keep us on track. Who and what are yours?

This year in June is my 30th year in business. Over the years, one lesson I’ve learned is that intention and purpose precede boldness. I’m boldly claiming 2024 as my renaissance year. Will you join me?


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