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  • Teresa Carey

How are You Purposing Your Passion?

Updated: Feb 29

When you think about some prime examples of passion, what comes to mind? Mother Teresa tirelessly feeding the hungry and homeless, Steve Jobs returning to revive Apple, or maybe the recent Super Bowl three second snapshot, where Travis Kelce was beyond passionate about his position on a play. 

Passion runs daringly deep and soulfully strong when we’re all in. Passion fuels getting us to the top, and it can just as easily knock us down. It all depends on how it’s leveraged.

A Deloitte survey found that just 17% of employees use the type of passion that makes them better in their profession.   

Are you purposing your passion for its optimal use, or are there times when it pulls you and those around you into a negative space?

Here are some of the signs you might look for in determining whether your passion is in overuse:

  • Caring so deeply you can’t let go – you insert yourself into conversations or team dynamics where you should trust others to do their jobs.

  • Feeling so emotionally tied to a decision or outcome, you allow emotions to surface with unintended statements or non-verbal actions that are less than leadership-like.

  • You’re starting to feel burnout, or notice your intensity is causing fatigue in those around you.  

  • You have a path of intention so locked and loaded, you might ignore and forfeit other innovative ideas that would achieve a better result.

If you find yourself in any of these scenarios, try these approaches:

  • Ask yourself consistently, “Is this the best use of my headspace and time, given my bigger purpose?”

  • Practice not reacting in situations you know may not bring out your best. Sit in the situation before acting. Talk through it with an advisor or coach until the emotions are clear and you’re able to have a more objective and thought-out response.

  • Invite challengers into your world. Frequently ask them, “What should I be doing or thinking differently?” “What else are we not considering?” Listen, then make it safe for them to share another point of view.  

Passion is like water. The right amount is essential for life and functionality. However, too much, too often can be more harmful than beneficial.

What areas are you so passionate about you may have damaged key relationships or your leadership brand? Today, take the time to reflect on how you can purpose your passion in a way that energizes, inspires, and motivates others.    

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