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  • Teresa Carey

Resurrecting What’s Important

Resurrection- “The act of bringing back to practice, notice, use, or vibrancy; revival”

Renewal- “Becoming new again”

This time of year always seems to bring a renaissance for reflection and hope. Whether it’s the renewal of spring, or the spiritual reawakening that’s possible with the Easter season, it’s an opportunity that offers a chance to dig deeply. Even the perception of “longer” days and the lingering of daylight, offers a perception of more time for engaging in the things we love and enjoy.

Recently I worked with a small group of CEOs in revisiting their purpose and calling. In a room of immense success, it was humbling to experience the raw vulnerability and earnestness. In spite of what’s already been accomplished, they were still seeking to examine their purpose while holding onto the values that remain immutable. While preparing, it gave me the gift of creating the space needed to revisit my own purpose and values. It took me back to what’s most important each and every day.

If, in the frenzy of life and business you haven’t thought about your “Why” in a while, this might be just the time. If everything around us in mature is experiencing rebirth, it gives us a cause to pause. To be still. To listen. And to focus on who we are and what we do that really matters.

My calling is simple and applies both personally and professionally. Success is measured by only two words- liberating greatness. I’m not foolish enough to think I can create greatness – oh no. It’s already inside the leader and others I serve, merely to be awakened and resurrected.

When you think about the impact you want to achieve and the legacy you want to leave in making your unique mark on this planet, what words or phrase most aptly describe this for you?

How we walk out our calling is based on the values and related behaviors that guide us. My five values at PerformancePointe and in life help me know whether the compass is heading in the direction of getting myself and others to a continued, striving place toward greatness.

  • Relationship and Connection – We believe that deep, genuine connections are at the heart of what we do - allowing our relationships to be real and vulnerable in standing the test of time.

  • Forward and Creative Thinking – We continually apply strategic and futuristic thinking to our business. This translates into a proven coaching approach that also allows for the introduction of innovative and fresh tools, so our clients can uncover new ideas, perspectives and solutions.

  • Integrity – Everything we do and say will demonstrate honesty and authenticity. We will always do the right thing for our clients and stakeholders.

  • Personal and Professional Growth – As an organization who challenges and engages our clients in growth, we must model investing in our own professional and personal growth.

  • Generosity – We invest in our community and the causes for which we are most passionate. Giving back is our expression of gratitude for what we have been given.

This foundation is reassuring to me. It keeps me centered. If I’m feeling disconnected to a situation or person, reflecting, renewing and returning back to my anchor of purpose and values is a stabilizing force.

Is it your time to resurrect your calling and reflect on what’s most important to you? Because “having a purpose is the difference between making a living and making a life.” Tom Thiss, Author

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